Team Collaboration

Collaborative hiring is a must. We make it easy to set up hiring teams and work together efficiently.

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Share applications for feedback

With Alongside's hiring software, you can share applications with those outside of your hiring team.

All you need to do is email them the applications with our customizable share feature. They get to work from their inbox and can easily click a link to be shown the applications that you selected. They can then review and add comments right on the platform. 


Note sharing and tracking

We make team collaboration super easy and fun with notes. On each candidate profile, every hiring team member with access can add notes in real-time. 

You will never lose information and will be much more efficient when reviewing and managing candidates. It's teamwork at its best. 


Voting system

With Alongside's voting system you can see how many people on your team gave a candidate a thumbs up or down, giving you a better sense of team perspectives. You're also able to overwrite the candidate rating color through your votes so the excellent fits stand out above the rest.


Tag your team members

In the notes section on each candidate profile, you can tag your hiring team members so they get notified right away that you need their input.

This will save you a ton of time and back and forth with your team members.


Custom team permissions

It is very easy to set up and manage your hiring team and invite new users. You're able to give members of your hiring team different permission levels such as Account Owner, Administrator, and Contributor. 


Manage multiple companies

With Alongside's Enterprise and Custom plans you can manage multiple companies all in one place. This is a great feature for large organizations and staffing firms. Each company has its own differentiated branding for candidate facing material such as careers pages and job postings.