Manage Candidates

Alongside provides you with powerful tools to manage all of your candidates in one convenient place.

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Bulk messaging templates

Alongside’s bulk messaging templates save you a ton of time - all while adding that human touch to your communication with candidates.

The templates are completely customizable and personable. You’re also able to create your own template to save for future use. Engaging candidates has never been easier!


Smart candidate filters

Our candidate filters make you super smart and efficient. As you screen applications, you can select which candidate profiles you’d like to view based on the filters you set - putting all the power in your hands.

For example, you can choose who to consider based on education level and skills. You can also view candidates who you’ve messaged or shared with others.


Interactive hiring pipeline

Alongside’s interactive hiring pipeline helps you streamline your candidate management with ease, giving you the high-level view you need of your candidates. You can see how well your hiring process is performing and you can improve the candidate experience by properly nurturing candidates in your pipeline.


Attach documents

Keep all your candidate information in one place by simply attaching documents to profiles. From original resumes to reference checks to assessments, upload anything and everything. Even better, the attached documents are immediately accessible to your hiring team! 


Import candidates

Not every candidate is going to apply for your position the same way. If you have resumes outside of Alongside, no problem just import them.

Upon import, our hiring software will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume. That way you can manage all of your candidates in one spot. 


Advanced resume parsing

Alongside’s resume parsing technology is designed to extract the most relevant information from a resume to create an easy to absorb candidate profile. It also utilizes keyword matching to provide a ranking based on how well a candidate matches with your job opportunity.