Reporting and Analytics

Get a clear picture of how your recruiting process is performing so you can optimize for even better results.

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Track source of candidates

It is super important to know where your candidates are coming from.

Alongside's reporting and analytics allow you to see which job boards are bringing you the most and best candidates, helping you optimize your hiring process.


Measure social performance

Social recruiting is huge right now. Social media has created a new avenue to reach candidates and it has shown to be incredibly powerful. But, what social channels work best? 

We show you which social channels get results. Helping you spend your social recruiting time wisely and optimize your performance. 


Evaluate job board ROI

Recruiting can be a costly endeavor. Especially when you don't spend your money wisely. With Alongside's reporting and analytics you can see which job boards are delivering you the best candidates.


Track referrals

Referral tracking gives you insight into the true value of referrals in your recruiting strategy. 

Our reports give you the ability to see the number and quality of candidates who came in via referrals.