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Working alongside you to build amazing teams

What a ride! I can’t believe how far we’ve come. Recently, I was looking back at everything we’ve accomplished and it’s a bit surreal to be honest. I even still have the picture of my first desk (a re-purposed banquet table).

When my co-founder Benoit and I met in 2013 to discuss the possibility of starting a company we didn’t really know what to expect. What started off as “what if”, has now turned into a company that employs 13 amazing individuals and has received over $1.5M in investments. Since launching in January of 2015, we’ve had an incredible response. We have 105+ active companies and nearly 1000 job postings since launch with a 65% hiring success rate.

I could write a long elaborate story about why we recently rebranded from Qimple to Alongside, but it’s a pretty quick and simple (Qimple) story. The simplest explanation is that it was just a phonetically challenging name, it included constant misspellings as well as pronunciation issues to the point where every conversation started with a clarification on the name, inconsistencies in press/media, even cheques that had to be returned. All in all, there’s about a dozen variations of our name out there.

However, more importantly than all of the reasons above is that the name just did not represent who we were and what we stood for anymore. I use the word “magic” often when describing my team, and every single member is passionate about wanting to help their fellow human being. This is not something that we just talk about, we act on it, we have individuals who act as mentors in the community, who teach a second language to newcomers, who help refugee families get settled, and more.

Alongside is our commitment to working with employers and job seekers, so they can connect in a meaningful way and do amazing things together. We’ve seen what happens when those things line-up and we want you, and everyone else who trusts us to share in the magic that exists when amazing people come together for a common goal.  This all ties to why we designed our logo with three balloons. I invite you to see the full description below. 

To all who’ve been with us since day one - I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you! To any of you who are yet to try us, I invite you to explore Alongside and see firsthand why we’re great at what we do.


Yves Boudreau
Yves Boudreau,
CEO and Co-founder


Alongside Logo

We stand full-heartedly behind the meaning of togetherness. The balloons in our new logo represent job seekers, companies and us. They form a heart conveying the excitement and caring element we help bring to your recruitment process.