Candidate sourcing

We offer a complete candidate sourcing solution with smart job distribution and impressive employer branding capabilities.

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Custom careers page

Take your employer brand to the next level with your own customizable careers page. Showcasing your company is more important than it's ever been. Great candidates want an inside look at how your team works and what your company culture is like. It's now or never and the control is all at your fingertips.


Marketing-rich job posting

Let's face it, job postings are in need of a spruce up. With Alongside, your job postings are marketing-rich so you can really show off your job opportunity the right way. Candidates can get a good feel for what the job opportunity entails and what it would be like to work at your company.


Trackable social sharing

Social media is quickly becoming a recruiter's best friend for candidate sourcing. In fact, 70% of candidates report finding their job via social media.

Alongside powers your social recruitment efforts by allowing you to directly share your job postings to social media channels - all trackable so you can measure your performance.


Powerful job distribution

Source the most qualified candidates by posting to high-performing job boards. With Alongside's recruitment software you can post to over 30 popular and niche job boards with one simple checkout.


Fun-to-use job posting

We make recommendations on which job boards are best for you based on location, industry and their ability to bring you the best candidates. You can also favorite your preferred job boards so they’re accessible for future postings.


Candidate questions

With Alongside, you're able to discover more about your candidates with our ask a question feature. We offer four different question types, so ask away to listen and learn. The questions you ask are filterable, so you can quickly see which candidates answered them best.