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Candidate experience is everything. We help you showcase your company and be irresistible to the best candidates.

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Easily message candidates

Did you know? 80% of job seekers say they wouldn't reapply to a company that didn't notify them of their application status. Communicating with candidates has never been easier with Alongside. With customizable templates and bulk messaging capabilities, you can rest assured your candidates are having a great experience. 


Show-off your company

Employer branding is more important today than ever before. Show qualified candidates why they should work for you with a clean and crisp careers page. Go ahead and express what makes your company so great. We promise that you'll create a positive experience and attract the best candidates.


Quick apply options

60% of candidates quit their applications, mainly due to length and complexity. Our software offers quick apply options so candidates can import their resume, a previous application, or their LinkedIn profile. This saves them a ton of time and makes for a much better candidate experience.


Mobile apply later reminder

Many candidates discover job opportunities on their mobile devices but they might not be ready to apply at that point in time.

Candidates can simply select Apply Later and we send them email reminders to apply for your position. Super convenient and enjoyable!


Best voted application experience

Candidates LOVE applying for jobs with Alongside with 95% of them reporting that they prefer Alongside's application process over others completed.

What makes us different? Besides being super intuitive and enjoyable, we have Sam a friendly assistant there to help them along the way.