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Emily Brennan

Emily Brennan works as the Marketing Manager for Alongside. She holds a Psychology degree, an MBA and PR Diploma. She's a critical, creative thinker, who understands people and what motivates them.


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Best Ways To Improve Your Candidate Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Candidate experience covers every touchpoint in your recruiting process, starting from before an..

35 Meaningful Ways To Reward Your Employees

Meaningful rewards are a great way to motivate and appreciate your employees. Take some time and..

Alongside Welcomes James Caldwell

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All the advice you need to manage your unconscious bias

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How To Reduce Your Time-to-Hire

Have you recently examined how long it takes for you to hire a candidate? The time-to-hire..

Introducing Alongside's Facebook Integration

Integrate Alongside with your company Facebook page to get your awesome job opportunities in..

Answers to Common Interview Questions

Congratulations! You landed a job interview. Now, don’t mess it up! 

Just kidding ;) You won’t..

Raine Maida on the Parallels of Music, Philanthropy, and Startup Life

It's not everyday that we get the chance to have a Canadian rock legend spend the afternoon with..

5 Effective Interview Techniques for Employers

In case you missed it, we had a great discussion with Pierre Battah on how you, as an employer,..


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