All the advice you need to manage your unconscious bias

socialphone.jpgDo you ever wonder if your unconscious bias impacts your recruiting? It probably does. You know that we all have a bias and knowing that we have it is the first step to managing it. But how do you manage something that is so implicit? It’s not easy but it can be done and should be. Especially since recruiting via social media is becoming a much more widespread practice. With 83% of job seekers flocking to Facebook to look for work (36% using LinkedIn), it’s no wonder we’re getting more involved as recruiters.

Approximately 92% of companies are using social media for recruiting. This is fantastic as it shows an alignment between job seekers and businesses and helps them discover more about one another. Something we, at Alongside, are quite passionate about. But social media can be dangerous if not used the right way and if you let your unconscious bias get in the way of making the best decisions.

Award winning social psychologist, Susan Fiske said it perfectly, “people easily categorize other people, especially based on race, gender, age, and class. Going beyond such categories, to learn about the individual person requires motivation.”

Now, are you motivated to manage your bias?

Check out this YouTube video with a webinar we hosted with HR expert Pierre Battah. You’ll learn current industry trends in social recruiting, the impact of ignoring your unconscious bias and how you can manage your unconscious bias both on the individual and organizational level.