Retail Sales Associate Job Description

This Retail Sales Associate job description template has all you need and can easily be customized. 

Job Descriptions

Retail Sales Associate Introduction:

Are people often commenting on your bubbly personality? Do you love helping others and having fun doing it? We’re looking for someone like you to join our team. As a sales associate with _________, we’ll encourage you to take extra time to understand our customer’s needs and provide an amazing customer service experience. Essentially, you’ll be helping us build strong “long-term relationships” with our customers. Having a great sense of our brand and products will really help you succeed. We’re looking for someone who works well with others yet is also motivated by sales.

Retail Sales Associate Responsibilties:

In this role, you report to the Store Manager. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Provide engaging and helpful customer service
  • Delight customers with product knowledge
  • Create excitement about new products or sales
  • Listen to customers and provide useful and appropriate recommendations
  • Work with the team on your shift to maintain stock and beautiful and neatly organized store
  • Work the cash to handle purchases and returns
  • Assist with inventory procedures when needed
  • Attempt to meet and surpass sales goals- both individual and work toward team sales goals.
  • Other duties as required

Retail Sales Associate Qualifications:

  • 6 months or more experience in a sales or customer service role
  • Must have a friendly and upbeat personality
  • Professionalism at all times is required
  • Experience with processing POS (point of sale) purchases is also required

Retail Sales Associate Core Skills:

  • Customer service
  • Product and brand knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Upselling
  • Organization
  • Multi-tasking
  • Sales goals
  • Basic math skills
  • Flexible
  • POS
  • Teamwork

Alongside Pro Tip:

There is a lot of turnover in the retail industry. It’s part of the nature of the roles retail offers. Many job seekers take retail roles when in school or periods of career transition. They may also ‘shop around’ (pardon the pun!) for other retail roles they feel offer a better experience. Understand that this unavoidable turnover sometimes has little to do with recruitment decisions. Even your best hires may be temporary. This doesn’t mean you should avoid hiring great individuals who you consider higher risk for leaving.

Create a sales associate job posting that reflects the great experience this role will offer. Why is this role so important to the success of your company? What will they be helping your company do? How will they need to be strategic and will they have opportunities to advance? What is the team like? Jobs that provide an appropriate level of challenge and a fun, supportive work environment are jobs people will think twice about leaving.

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