Working Alongside CAA Atlantic

Case Studies

Alongside solved CAA Atlantic's recruitment challenge in only three weeks.


CAA Atlantic spent several months recruiting for a newly-created Director of Digital role, without successfully generating significant interest from qualified candidates. This role was crucial to fill, and they recognized they needed some external support.

CAA Atlantic approached Alongside to assist them in sourcing qualified candidates for this senior leadership position.

The Solution

Alongside gladly took on CAA Atlantic’s recruitment challenge. We began with a plan of action and jumped right into the tasks. Alongside conducted a couple of meetings with CAA Atlantic executives. The first meeting focused on the job posting and Alongside provided recommendations on improving the position description itself, to focus more on specific career growth benefits of taking on this role.

The second meeting was designed to understand more about the company, including how the team works, employee recognition, and team building activities. This meeting allowed Alongside to create a “Working Alongside CAA Atlantic” web page. This provided a third-party promotion of the company culture and helped to truly showcase the company to candidates. Alongside focused on ensuring maximum exposure and visibility for the job opportunity, targeting both active and passive candidates. Alongside marketed the opportunity to select job boards and social media channels via paid acquisition. In total, Alongside promoted the opportunity to 7 popular and niche job boards including Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

Alongside chose Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as the best social media channels to reach CAA Atlantic's audience. This was highly effective overall with organic and paid social media campaigns exceeding standard performance metrics. For example, one of the LinkedIn placements received 300% more clicks on CAA Atlantic's ad than the average Click Through Rate (CTR) of all other ads on the platform.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.45.23 AM.png

The Outcome

Before working with Alongside, CAA Atlantic had invested nearly five months into the process without successfully sourcing the right candidate for their Director of Digital position.

After partnering with Alongside, they quickly received multiple applications from highly qualified candidates for the role, locally as well as across Canada and even overseas. Within only three weeks of Alongside’s initial involvement, CAA Atlantic made an offer to a candidate, and it was accepted.

The candidate who accepted the position shared how they discovered the role. Turns out they were passively looking and noticed the social ads and felt inclined to look into the opportunity and apply.

Alongside is quite proud of the results with CAA Atlantic and are glad they helped the company in such a substantial way.