Recruiting just isn’t what it used to be: June HR Round-Up

June’s Round-Up includes some exciting updates for recruitment- both in tactics and government programs. I’ve also included some discussions of current HR issues and gender equality. Check it out!

Why Perks Just Don’t Cut It Anymore in Tech

Alex Holderness tells us what we already know but might not admit yet. A great culture is more than offering fun and flashy perks like ping pong and unlimited coconut water. The reality is that any organization can offer extravagant perks but still be toxic or uninspiring. Holderness explains why investing in your talent is the best bet to reduce turnover and helps create a company culture that can actually compete.

Why Old-Timey Jobs Are Hot Again

Why are millennials suddenly so interested in barbering, butchering, and making their own beer? You can probably think of at least two people you know already delving into these activities. Maybe someone in your organization is working a side gig? Lauren Weber’s article for The Wall Street Journal explores why craft jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits are ‘hot’ again.

Canada launches visa program for hiring specialized foreign talent

Exciting news for top employers in Canada! It was promised, and now it’s finally here, as of June 12th! The launch of this fast-track visa program sends a pretty strong message to the world about how Canada feels about foreign top talent. Diversity makes us stronger. This news is especially exciting for the Canadian tech community. Get an in-depth explanation of the Global Talent Stream program here, or find out more about other ways to hire foreign workers for your company.

The Trucking Industry Is Doing Whatever It Takes to Get Millennials Behind the Wheel

I found this post on Medium interesting, as both a millennial and a female also in a field where women often struggle for inclusion. Brian Smith of Mel Magazine talks about women in trucking, and how the industry is changing it’s recruitment messaging to attract young people. As well, Smith describes the ways millennials value ‘purpose in work’, and how the trucking industry is trying to portray meaningfulness in this occupation.

Food for thought: Are there other job types you can think of that see similar struggles in recruiting youth- whether it be due to gender imbalances, or the nature of the roles being typically ‘blue collar’ roles young people aren’t interested in? Are employers struggling to meet their workforce demands, and will this continue to occur as the baby boomers retire? How can HR Managers help find great people to fill these roles?

The Uber scandal shows how bad HR is at handling harassment

I don’t think anyone is surprised anymore to read the almost-weekly new articles of Uber scandals. As Kalanick resigns from the company, let’s hope for a better workplace for everyone employed there, not just the women. In this article for Vox, Laurie Ruettimann draws from the Uber scandal and her own experience in HR to make the point that current sexual harassment policies are not effective. She provides some ideas of best practices for this serious issue.

McDonald’s is using Snapchat to recruit employees

More and more companies are using Snapchat to attract younger workers. McDonald’s just announced they’ll be using the social platform to try to fill 250,000 summer jobs. Read more about why you should consider using Snapchat to recruit Gen Z job seekers here.

Promoting gender equality could add $150-billion to GDP: McKinsey study

A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute projects that Canada could see $150 million in GDP growth (by 2026) if it makes efforts to advance women’s’ equality in business. Ideas for how to do this include creating 600,000 additional jobs for women and increasing female labour participation to 64% (in the next 20 years). No reason to wait: what is your organization doing to close the gender gap in the workplace and your community?

Can I rescind a resignation made while suffering a mental illness?

Bill Howatt of Morneau Shepell and George Cottrelle of Cottrelle LLP weigh in on this tough career question. Despite efforts to break down stigma around mental illness, unfortunately some situations arise that force us to turn to the law. Read these professionals’ advice as well as references to legal action that can be taken or may be required.

Why You Can’t Just Tell a Company “Be More Like a Startup”

This thought-provoking piece by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and Stanford University professor Steve Blank cautions companies about the potential risks of ‘thinking like a startup’. While acting like a startup has been heralded as an attractive way for organizations to make smarter, lean decisions and accelerate growth, companies need to think about the larger (sometimes legal) implications of this mindset.

I hope you enjoyed this curated list of interesting HR news and articles for June. Let us know what you found most relevant for your HR practices!