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4 Tips To Upgrade Your Professional Image

Whether you have a professional mentor you strive to be more like or you’re out hunting for a..

7 books job seekers must read

The job searching period is a great time for improving yourself, both professionally and..

On the Job Hunt? Here's four key tasks you need to be doing daily

Searching for new employment opportunities is a job on its own. A successful job hunting process..

Job Search for Introverts

A job search can be a daunting task for any of us but when you are an introvert it may be doubly..

How to write a cover letter that stands out

Most likely, people who are aiming for the same jobs as you have similar educational..

Match.job? The Parallels of Job Searching and Dating

You get the notification on your phone; you have a match! As difficult as it has been to land..

How to get a job with a liberal arts degree

This year, I am graduating from the university that I love, with the majors that I am beyond..

Answers to Common Interview Questions

Congratulations! You landed a job interview. Now, don’t mess it up! 

Just kidding ;) You won’t..

Pierre Battah’s 2016 Book List

Once again, my end of year book list is a combination of old and new leadership and business..


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