Hiring? Here’s the 15 Resources You’ll Need

resources_to_help_hiring.jpgThere’s a ton of great recruiting content out there to help you hire. You’ll never be able to get through it all, which is good, but also bad. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled fifteen of the most informative resources to save you some time.

Setting up a Solid Hiring Strategy

We love, love, love having guest writers contribute to our blog! After all, they’re the big experts in the recruiting space. Here’s some of their great articles to help you design and implement your company’s hiring strategy.

1. Sarah Mullins of UptreeHR, shares why even small companies need to be strategic about hiring. Read the guest post: 5 Reasons Small Companies Need a People Strategy

 2. Alongside published an AMAZING 3-part series with Sharlyn Lauby, also known as HR BartenderGreat name, right? Lauby outlines for us the tried and true ‘Build, Buy, & Borrow’ recruiting tactics from every great (strategic!) HR professional’s arsenal.

3. Operating in a “boring” industry, but still want to hire great minds for your company? Of course you do. And you should. Check out this article by Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas: How to Hire When your Company Lacks the Cool Factor

4. Also, get Alongside’s 6 C’s of Strategic Hiring eBook to help you feel even more confident about your hiring strategy. 

Learn how to hire for fit

Honing in on the best applicants for the role requires assessing for culture fit, as well as, person-to-role suitability. Company culture, generational differences, and skills matching are some important elements to consider for overall strategy and selection.

5. How do you recruit for culture fit? Make your company’s mission, vision, and values the foundation for your selection process. Here’s how.

6. Culture fit doesn’t mean hiring people just like you. Be aware of bias (everyone has it) and avoid the dangers of it. Recorded Webinar: Managing Bias in a World of Social Recruiting

7. Not convinced that unconscious bias affects your hiring decisions? Check out this recent post by Workplace Leadership Expert, Pierre Battah: Why Unconscious Bias Matters

8. We know all about Gen Y. But what about Gen Z? Grab these fresh insights for recruiting this exciting group as they join the workforce. Hiring and Working with Generation Z (aka Generation Mobile)

9. You’ve probably been taught to look first for experience and skills. Here’s another perspective on applicants who seem ‘under-qualified’. Are there possible advantages especially for startups? We liked this recent Inc article by Kate Rockwood; Why Zero Experience Can Be a Good Thing in a Hire.

10. New to writing job descriptions? Hiring for an entirely new role? You might have a good idea of role expectations, but it can be tricky to  figure out how much should you be expected to pay for industry standard, and to be competitive.  Payscale is a handy resource for determining salary info for Canada and the US. It’s great because you can break down the data by provincial averages AND experience level. 

Perfect Your Interview Process

11. What if you could ask applicants questions even BEFORE you booked any interviews? Would that save you some time, perhaps? Remember time = money. With Alongside, you can ask questions right in the application. Here’s some of the best ones we’ve seen our awesome customers use.

12. When it comes to interviews, the resume is just what you need to start the conversation. Ideally you’ve verified it already in a screening phone interview. Here’s some great tips from Susan M. Heathfield, on The Balance blog: Phone Screen Best Practices: Sample Questions

13. Did you know that sales positions are among the hardest to hire for, with turnover rates at 20-30% annually?  Do it right the first time. Here’s our downloadable interview toolkit for hiring sales positions, complete with editable interview templates and a comprehensive rating system. Revise, record, and review!

14. Even more: Pierre Battah and Emily Brennan of Alongside break down effective techniques for interviews. Watch the video or read the complementary post.

We hope you enjoyed this list and can make real use of these hiring resources. Stay tuned for our next one!

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