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Powerful job promotion

Customize your careers page and job posting to captivate the attention of the greatest candidates. Promote your job in the right places for maximum exposure with access to 30+ popular and niche job boards.

"With Alongside, all my hiring needs are in one place. It's the easiest and most organized recruiting platform I have used. The customer support is also amazing! I would never hire another way."

Tara McIntyre Tara McIntyre, Human Resources Manager

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Real-time team collaboration

Review candidates with your hiring team in real-time. Teammates can review candidates by voting, adding tags and comments, and making status updates. Track all team feedback in one place.

“For us at CareGuide, collaboration is one of the key features of we use in Alongside. I can review and rate applications myself as well as see my colleagues’ ratings for quick sorting and filtering.”

Jean-Philippe Green John Phillip Green, Founder and Chief Executive Dad

Manage candidates in one spot

Identify your perfect candidates and move them through your customizable hiring pipeline. You can see how well your hiring process is performing and you can properly nurture candidates in your pipeline.

"When we started growing quickly I knew I needed to optimize our hiring process. For us it's about better understanding those who want to join our team. Alongside's questions feature makes it easy for us to do that."

Thomas Rankin Thomas Rankin, Co-founder and CEO

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Recruiting metrics and analytics

Get a clear picture of how your recruiting process is performing so you can optimize for even better results. See which job boards and social media channels are bringing you the most and best candidates.with detailed analytics

"The Alongside team has been great at executing what we need in order to meet our growth targets. We are excited to continue our growth strategy with Alongside!"

mike_shanks.png Mike Shanks, National Recruiting Manager

Bilingual job posting experience

Candidates love that they can apply for jobs in the language of their choice. For your French job postings, the application experience is completely French. Making for a much more seamless and friendly experience.

"This is the best application experience I have had so far. Other companies could definitely learn from you. I can honestly say that I look forward to the chance of applying through Alongside again someday."

profile-job-seeker.png Mike C, Candidate

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